Post 5: Life and Everything That Goes With It…

Well, it is no mystery that I have been somewhat absent on the blog lately. Life has been one roller coaster ride after another, pretty much starting in April. Here we are, in the end of June and I am finally getting around to filling you all in on my life. Where is a better place to start then the beginning.

Back in April our leasing company let us know that they would be selling our town home that we had been living mostly happily in for the last two years. Now it wasn’t all bad, this meant we could get out of our lease early, without penalty and they were more then willing to help us find a new place to call home. Luckily, my cousin was also selling a fixer upper and it seemed like divine intervention that all of these doors were opening at the same time! So, we decided to see if we could even make this happen, if this was even a possibility.

Luckily, we got pre-approved and we were going through the motions of buying a home. We got it! We are, as of May 29th, homeowners in the midst of Colorado’s crazy house market! From there, we took on the project of fixing it up and getting it as close to perfect as we can. We replaced all of the flooring with the exception of two rooms, we painted the entire interior, baseboards, doors, lights, and a good portion of the trim. We were lucky enough to have a ton of help from our families and friends as well. They have helped us and showed us everything we didn’t already know. They brought us food since we hadn’t been grocery shopping in six weeks, they watched the dog when we were too busy to be the best dog parents we could be, and they helped move our stuff, which is no fun for anyone. We were blessed to say the least.

About two weeks after we closed on the house we went on this super wonderful vacation to Oregon. We were welcomed with open arms as always, by Todd’s family. We spent five days bouncing between waterfall hikes, the reservoir and Portland. I finally got to go to the ocean with my husband, we saw a whale or two and we got to relax finally. It was a wonderful trip! If you have never been to Oregon, and you enjoy the scenery of Colorado, I recommend Oregon for sure.

Seriously, Oregon is BEAUTIFUL!

Well, we spent an excessive amount of time at the airports due to delayed flights and DIA not being prepared, and we finally made it home. I walked into work on Wednesday thinking everything was fine. By Wednesday at 4:00PM, I had no job. My job of just over a year, had let me go. This being the first time I have ever been fired from a job, it turned out to be somewhat of a shock. It was a blow to my self esteem more than anything. The job wasn’t that great, and by no means did I feel like this was my dream position. I took the rest of the day on Wednesday to wallow in self pity and be upset. By Thursday I had applied for about ten jobs, and by that evening I had an interview set up for Monday. Whether it be by the grace of God or luck, I had a job by Monday. I start sometime next week, only five minutes from our new home, and I didn’t have to take a pay cut. If anything, it truly shows that everything happens for a reason.

Pacific City, Oregon

So, with that, here I am finally writing to you guys. Finally filling you in on where I have been, what I have been doing. Writing to the sounds of Crime Junkie in the background and some puppy love next to me. I finally have the time and the sanity to type my thoughts out. Please, if you know of anyone, send them to Unusually Awkward to follow. Don’t forget to FOLLOW the blog so you can receive email updates every time I update the blog. Don’t hesitate on giving me feedback as constructive criticism is the best way to better yourself.

That’s all for now, thank you for following me in my crazy life.