About the Author

The Goal:

By no means do I have a bad life, I have a wonderful life. But the view of myself has changed drastically over the last few years. My goal is to document my journey to self love, to self gratification. My goal is to get my mental state back to a ten. My goal is to be a better me. And I invite you to join me.

To help you put a face to the name…

Let’s start this off the right way, an introduction. If we were meeting for the first time in person, I would shake your hand with my clammy right hand and smile and say, “Hi I’m Kodi!” Usually followed by “Todd’s wife, Becky’s daughter, Chris’s daughter, Wyatt’s sister, etc.” Rarely just Kodi. Nonetheless, that’s the most important part about meeting someone, is knowing their name. I got married this past May to the most perfect man, Todd. We adopted a dog after we had been together for about a year,  his name is Ruger. He is the softest, sweetest pup you will ever get the chance to know. We live a quaint life in Henderson, Colorado, a town that’s more houses than anything. I don’t have many hobbies, I’m either average or slightly below in everything I have ever done in my life (Except for my attitude according to the people I surround myself with) and I have yet to find something I am passionate about, even at 22 years old. Everything else, you will either learn through posts about the dramedies of my life, or by talking to me. I guess you could call me Unusually Average.